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ABOUT Ourselves

Our mission here at FullerRelationships is twofold. First and foremost, as Marriage & Family Therapists, we believe in a systems perspective, that is we recognize that the role of the family is just as important as the role of the individual in the journey of self improvement. Our mission is to assist families, couples, and individuals in recognizing, that by making changes to the entire system, it leads to the positive changes in each member of the family/couple. We also seek to improve communication in relationships, and empower individuals by helping them learn how to balance responsibilities to others and to themselves. 

Our second mission is to spread awareness of mental health and to de-stigmatize therapy to be more of a journey of learning and less about managing mental illness.  We present the perspective of therapy as an experience of a healthy and appropriate relationship so that individuals can learn how to create meaningful lives by having fuller relationships with others and with themselves.


Gale V. LaFreniere

Marriage & Family Therapist

Nicole Calvento

Marriage & Family Therapist

Gale V. LaFreniere is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, with the goal of helping you create fuller relationships in your life through therapy and support and by providing information, to help you make effective decisions. Gale provides face-to-face and online therapy, as well as maintains, to help you begin to make changes in your life.

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Nicole Calvento is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who strives to guide individuals in taking steps to make positive changes in their lives, and in seeing their inherent potentials.

Nicole works on providing individuals with a safe space to share their authentic self, and then collaborate in developing attainable goals that can help individuals feel more empowered. Nicole provides face-to-face, family, and group therapy, with a focus on strength-based and client-centered techniques.

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