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Choosing a Therapist:

The first appointment is very important in choosing a therapist, but getting to that first appointment is crucial.

Get to know the therapist by looking at their online presence and get a sense of their philosophy and outlook, as well as their professional background.

Write your questions to ask or just experience the therapist during your first session. Be open to this first experience.

This way you are using both your emotional and logical selves in making decisions.

Beginning Therapy:

Therapy can be a major financial commitment but the benefits can be life- changing – so wouldn’t that be worth it?

However, if you enter into a financial commitment that is beyond your means then therapy just becomes another stressor…know your budget before you begin and if you find that you cannot afford a therapist you like, ask about your options, don’t just walk away.



Online therapy anyone? It is possible and can be effective, but is it for you? After all, isn’t therapy about relationships? Is it a real relationship if it is virtual?

Like anything, online therapy has its challenges and limitations but virtual relationships can be real and life-changing depending on the specific situation
and what we make of it.

We therapists are finding that current needs and trends are very important to address and be aware of, otherwise the help we provide is no longer relevant to others. So, online therapy may fit as long as certain ethical and legal issues are
managed. Ask, get information, and make a decision with your therapist.

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