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Mental Health in the

Filipino Community

De-stigmatizing Mental Health Services

Filipinos are known to be the second highest Asian immigrants in the United States, following the Chinese population. Yet, Filipinos still make up one of the lowest groups to seek mental health services in the United States compared to other Asian American populations. One of the reasons for this disparity is due to the continued stigma that the culture has on the utilization of psychotherapy to take care of one’s mental health. Being a culture that holds great importance to religion, individuals are taught to turn to church through tough times and to turn to family members as a source of support. Although these are positive and at times, effective ways in helping manage one’s mental health, psychotherapy provokes awareness and learning within the individual. The focus in therapy is not to give advice as family members would, but rather teach the individual inherent skills to engage in problem-solving and develop resilience, and most importantly foster self-confidence.

FullerRelationships reiterates that mental health awareness is just as important as their physical health. We tackle subjects such as immigration, assimilation, acculturation, and identity and intercultural relationshps. We address the conflicts inherent in living and growing up in a society that is contradictory to the culture that we born into.

In this section, we provide blogs, links, and other resources that would help the community become more aware of mental health issues specific to being FIlipino-Americans, and encourage the value of the process of psychotherapy. 

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